How Test New Genertion Engines
Fully automated Test Steps
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You have a test room but cannot use it efficiently?

Let’s visit the facility, analyze your devices, your operations and your staff and give you a “Facility Optimization” proposal.

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Is there a problem? We’ll have it settled, you don’t worry.

We ensure your business goes continues with immediate aftersales service from Ankara. We provide free "" membership.

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You just call us, We do everything for your and prepare test cell configuration out.

You just continue to focus your business. let’s we establish your test room, give most suitable system what you need by most economical condition.

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Who we are?

We are Test Equipment Manufacturer, Engineering Services Provider and Turn Key Test Facility Establishment Company located in Istanbul and Ankara city of Turkey.

All Range of Diesel, Gasoline, LPG, CNG or similar fueled Internal Combustion Engines, Electric Motors, Turboprop, Turboshaft, Türbine Engines, Vehicles, Gearbox, Transmissions, Transaxles and similar Rotational Machineries or Power Packs are under our test scope.

Our systems runs with ANKA-CON/adv  High End Test Cell Control Unit and control Accurately Test Object Load, Speed, Torque, Power and/or any other physical parameters. Our ANKA-CON/adv also capable to to control Test Cell Environment,  Air, Fuel, Water, Oil, Exhaust gas Conditioning units, Actuators, Supplier Systems and Utilities according to Operator Commands or ECU parameters, Automatic Test steps, Limit Monitoring and similar sub systems activities.

We are establishing Turn Key Projects from base to roof include all test equipments, Test Cells, Test Benches, Test Laboratories or Mobile Test Systems Solutions on any location around world.

Our Test Systems are Reliable, Robust and able to Create Repeatable and Comparable Test Result Reports according to International Test Standards.

We are manufacturing sensors, controllers, actuators, hydraulic, active, eddy current dynamometers, main, intermediate frames, test cell mechanics, consumption measurement units, conditioning units, emission analyzers and any other test cell related equipment.

We are providing engineering services as test cell design, test cell optimization,  test needs and scope analysis, technical specification support, startup support etc and providing services as modernization, revision, preventative, protective and recovering maintenance, after sales support, management, project preparation, scope definition etc.

We are single source local Hydraulic, Active, Passive Dynamometers and Test Systems Manufacturer of TURKEY.

Our HQ and R&D departments are in Istanbul Teknopark, Technology Development Zone which is very close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) at Istanbul city and production factory is in Ankara city

Our Properties:

.- We are the only domestic Test Dynamometers and Test Systems producer of TURKEY.

.- We manufacture with the local contribution ratio of 80% or more.

.- We are an engineering base company, operating continuously from 1989 until today.

.- We manufacture all the devices used in the test facility, establish turnkey test and validation facilities and export them to many countries abroad.

.- We are the only domestic company that has been production by increasing the knowledge and experience gained from global test systems knowhow specialized in its subject and combining it with precision engineering.

.- We have an organizational structure, a sustainable and traceable business model with using CRM base management systems.

.- We code our own software.

.- We invest our income to R&D and growth, we aim to compete in international markets with World Wilde brands in the mid-range forcast.

Test Systems Solutions:

.- Internal-combustion engine
.- Electric motor
.- Gearbox
.- Transmission
.- Transaxle
.- Turbine engine
.- Turboprop engine
.- Cold test applications
.- Emission and certification tests
.- Durability, destructive or non-destructive quality tests
.- Production or overhaul tests
.- R&D and product localization tests
.- Turnkey test facility engineering and installation
.- Any kind of application that requires Robot Arms
.- Towing Dynamometer
.- Wheel/Tire Test Systems
.- “Back to Back” Gear Box Test Systems
.- Torque Converter Test Systems
.- Hydraulic Retarder Test Systems

Our Services;

.- Engineering, design, production and installation,
.- Initial start-up and operating support,
.- Integration of party company products,
.- Calibration, validation and alignment,
.- Test facility efficiency optimization,
.- Facility design, project and specification preparation,
.- Overhaul, modernization, repair and maintenance of existing facilities or units,
.- Consultancy, organization, project management support,
.- Design and production of special software, electronic unit or mechanical system,
.- Test facility management support,
.- Facility needs solutions with Robot arm and robotic systems,

Our Products:

(80% and over domestic manufacturing)

.- Hydraulic, active or eddy current dynamometer,
.- Dynamometer, engine, auxiliary units and test facility computerized control units and softwares,
.- Engine throttle, exhaust back pressure, intake air, gear shift etc. actuators,
.- Fuel, oil, water, air etc. gravimetric / mass consumption measurement units, vibration analyzers and accurate conditioners
.- RAW, diluted and after sales type etc. emission analysis units and integrations
.- Quick Docking plates for engine transportation vehicles and for all fluids on the trolley, integration to test cell systems and auxiliary chassis and vibration damping systems to chassis, elastic couplings, connection adapters and shaft integration,
.- Test Cell Mechanics
.- Test facility construction, installation, ventilation, lighting, tools, instrumentation with engineering and design drawings
.- Education sets with engine, dynamometer and all measuring devices for alternative fuel research , Internal combustion engine performance and electric motor load and load control experimental setups
.- Torque converter and hydraulic retarder manufacturing and implementation to power train,
.- Production of Mechanical, Electronic and Software for Robot Arm and Robotic Systems.


OSSA ICDDA - Defence and Aerospace Industrial Cooperation Days in Ankara
Event of Automotive Industry oriented Test Systems Producer and Engineering Services Providers
SAHA İstanbul Defence and Auroscpae Industry Organisation - SAHA EXPO 2018 Exhibition

Our Mission

.- Our company provides solutions to the needs of domestic suppliers in our country on issues including test and validation devices, turnkey test facilities and high technology but not yet manufactured in our country with the producer status and with the local contribution ratio of 80% or more, and have aimed to continue this ability by struggling with all kinds of difficulties.

.- Our company equipped with up-to-date knowledge and experience gained by foreign companies expert at their subject over the past 20 years has aimed to increase its quality every day by using its domestic high engineering, design and manufacturing ability.

.- Our company has aimed to be able to compete with economical but foreign companies in short term, to open up the capability of being a provider of high quality products to international market and to increase its international recognition. Thus, it is aimed to adapt to the preference of domestic main industry producers to use “use overseas products even if it is expensive”.

.- It is aimed to make modern devices, systems and methods that our domestic industry needs accessible by using our high quality mechanical design and manufacturing ability with high quality engineering, software and automatic control systems.

Our Vision

.- It is to contribute to the competence of our products and so our country to compete internationally with other products and countries by specializing in our position and increasing our manufacturing ability.

.- It is, in particular, to transform the tendency of our main industrial producers to use foreign products in the tendency to use domestic goods by providing them with high quality solutions that they need, and thus to reduce foreign product superiority by increasing our domestic market share with competence advantage obtained.

.- It is to create high quality but economical solutions suitable for the country conditions by using our knowledge and experience, and to support the development of our customers by offering them to the needer.

.- It is to provide a domestic contribution to future construction by investing in high-technology producing value-added.

Our Activities:

In these Covid19 days, when the economy slows down, on the contrary, we continue to work with all our energy.

Nowadays, we are completing the BIAS TOSB Automotive Test Center Engine Testing Room Modernization Project. Within the scope of the project that includes our ANKA Engine, Dynamometer Control and Reporting Unit and Peripherals, we have presented our customers without any hesitation about all the additional features that are not in the standard product scope. They can continue their tests with an interface that they feel comfortable and use all the functions of the test room. The fact that all codes belong to us, our flexible structure, our focus on customer satisfaction, our technical knowledge and skills enable us to offer our customers the solutions they desire.

We are continuing our activities with the awareness that the golden rule of trade is ‘Reliability’ and our company receives this trust in return for its customers with new domestic, national and international projects.

Another next generation Active Dynamometer is being handed over to our customer within the scope of another new project.

The red line in the video represents actual speed value and the yellow line represents the speed setpoint. The fact that both curves are very close to each other and in harmony in this image showing the fully automatic test steps make the success of the speed regulation visible. The success of active dynamometer technology, this precise and fast regulation is indispensable especially for R & D test rooms.

Our company continues to develop and upgrade our own active dynamometers and special rotor cooling solution in Istanbul Teknopark ARGE office and upgrade its technology.


We moved our Head Office and R & D departments to the 3A Z / 9 address in Istanbul Technopark located next to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Our production continues at our Ankara Kazan address.
These days, in addition to the ongoing projects abroad, at home, BIAS TOSB Test Center modernization project, AYGAZ Chassis Dynamometer modernization project, BORUSAN Hydraulic Test Bench design and manufacturing project, Air Radar Systems IFF development project, Ege University Combustion Analysis System project, TÜMOSAN Powertrain ARGE We have signed many project agreements like Test Room turnkey projects and increased the number of our engineers in the Istanbul R&D department to 6 people. We continue to increase and expand our staff in both locations with new projects.

We have signed a contract with Ege University to supply an ANKA – M.CP.b2 high speed combustion analysing system. After now they will be able to analys combustion on their test engine and continue to develop next generation alternative fuels.

We have completed pre shipment tests of our first #container type #testbench #testcell export project to Bangladesh army with our engineer friends coming from #Bangladesh army to our factory and we got the approval. We are also starting a new project for helicopter #Turbinmotor #test #bremze soon.


@ IDEAS 2018 meeting in Karachi, Pakistan, we signed an agreement to increase our ongoing cooperation with Pakistan as another D8 country, especially in the defense industry. With this agreement, which has a high interest in the press, the Pakistan army will start to use our “MADE IN TURKEY” products with Land, Air, Marine and other Forces and Municipal and Main Automotive Industry Manufacturers. In these days, where we carry out national projects with strategic importance and we are as Turkey doing platform level sales, we perform all of our duties as GALEN tech. in order to use our test and validation systems that we are specialists in the friendly and allied countries within the borders. We will continue our international market development efforts with the confidence that we have to be a domestic manufacturer in accordance with international norms and we will continue to deal with at least one representative in each of the other D8 countries.

Our goals are high. But the pleasure of completing each year above its target is even higher.

Please access AA (Turkish Anadolu Press Agency) news via This Link

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