We won the test facility bid of Bangladesh Army last month and signed the contract last week with Engine and Transmission Overhauling Plants of the Bangladesh Army. At the first stage we will complete the installation of the high-capacity engine test facility and deliver it to the facility. At later stages, we will deliver the other test facilities.

It made us very proud that our test systems were attracted to international platforms and accepted by a friendly and allied country armies. The biggest power behind this success is the fact that our measurement devices, dynamometers, software, all mechanical systems, and all other products related to Test and Validation Systems are produced with the design and manufacturing ability of our company and therefore “Made in Turkey”. As we increase our domestic and national design and manufacturing ability, the reputation, credibility and most important competitive power of our country and companies both increase and strengthen in international platforms.

We would like to share this achievement with you and reiterate our wishes to find opportunities to work together on these and similar further projects.