@ IDEAS 2018 meeting in Karachi, Pakistan, we signed an agreement to increase our ongoing cooperation with Pakistan as another D8 country, especially in the defense industry. With this agreement, which has a high interest in the press, the Pakistan army will start to use our “MADE IN TURKEY” products with Land, Air, Marine and other Forces and Municipal and Main Automotive Industry Manufacturers. In these days, where we carry out national projects with strategic importance and we are as Turkey doing platform level sales, we perform all of our duties as GALEN tech. in order to use our test and validation systems that we are specialists in the friendly and allied countries within the borders. We will continue our international market development efforts with the confidence that we have to be a domestic manufacturer in accordance with international norms and we will continue to deal with at least one representative in each of the other D8 countries.

Our goals are high. But the pleasure of completing each year above its target is even higher.

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