In these Covid19 days, when the economy slows down, on the contrary, we continue to work with all our energy.

Nowadays, we are completing the BIAS TOSB Automotive Test Center Engine Testing Room Modernization Project. Within the scope of the project that includes our ANKA Engine, Dynamometer Control and Reporting Unit and Peripherals, we have presented our customers without any hesitation about all the additional features that are not in the standard product scope. They can continue their tests with an interface that they feel comfortable and use all the functions of the test room. The fact that all codes belong to us, our flexible structure, our focus on customer satisfaction, our technical knowledge and skills enable us to offer our customers the solutions they desire.

We are continuing our activities with the awareness that the golden rule of trade is ‘Reliability’ and our company receives this trust in return for its customers with new domestic, national and international projects.