In these Covid19 days, when the economy slows down, on the contrary, we continue to work with all our energy.

Nowadays, we are completing the BIAS TOSB Automotive Test Center Engine Testing Room Modernization Project. Within the scope of the project that includes our ANKA Engine, Dynamometer Control and Reporting Unit and Peripherals, we have presented our customers without any hesitation about all the additional features that are not in the standard product scope. They can continue their tests with an interface that they feel comfortable and use all the functions of the test room. The fact that all codes belong to us, our flexible structure, our focus on customer satisfaction, our technical knowledge and skills enable us to offer our customers the solutions they desire.

We are continuing our activities with the awareness that the golden rule of trade is ‘Reliability’ and our company receives this trust in return for its customers with new domestic, national and international projects.

Another next generation Active Dynamometer is being handed over to our customer within the scope of another new project.

The red line in the video represents actual speed value and the yellow line represents the speed setpoint. The fact that both curves are very close to each other and in harmony in this image showing the fully automatic test steps make the success of the speed regulation visible. The success of active dynamometer technology, this precise and fast regulation is indispensable especially for R & D test rooms.

Our company continues to develop and upgrade our own active dynamometers and special rotor cooling solution in Istanbul Teknopark ARGE office and upgrade its technology.


We moved our Head Office and R & D departments to the 3A Z / 9 address in Istanbul Technopark located next to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Our production continues at our Ankara Kazan address.
These days, in addition to the ongoing projects abroad, at home, BIAS TOSB Test Center modernization project, AYGAZ Chassis Dynamometer modernization project, BORUSAN Hydraulic Test Bench design and manufacturing project, Air Radar Systems IFF development project, Ege University Combustion Analysis System project, TÜMOSAN Powertrain ARGE We have signed many project agreements like Test Room turnkey projects and increased the number of our engineers in the Istanbul R&D department to 6 people. We continue to increase and expand our staff in both locations with new projects.